Nov 4

Here is the best of the big PlayStation news for the week of October 28 to November 4

1. Telltale Games has teased the Walking Dead season 2. This critically acclaimed point and click adventure game sequel should be making its way to the PSN fairly soon. Watch the teaser here.  Also If you’re itching for some TTG check out The wolf among us.

2. During EA’s quarterly earnings call, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen denied the rumour that Titanfall would make it’s way to PS4 and PS3. Rumours had been spreading that Titanfall, the highly anticipated multiplayer shooter from ex-Infinityward employees would only be a timed exclusive for the Xbox one, Xbox 360 and PC, but now it appears that it will be an exclusive for ” the life time of the title” (hinting that sequels may be multi platform). For more on Titanfall see here.

3. For it’s two year anniversary Naughty Dog has announced that all Uncharted 3 multiplayer maps will be available to download for free. To learn more click here.

4. This week we got the first trailer for the movie adaptation of Heavenly Sword. This CG animated film, which stars Fringe’s Anna Torv, Alfred Molina and Thomas Jane. Check out the trailer here.

5. Recently the PlayStation Blog posted a FAQ for the PS4. Over 180 different questions were answered. If you want to check it out for yourself just click here.

6. Ubisoft has eliminated all online passes. U play passes needed for the recently released Assassins Creed 4 will be provided for free and all future Ubisoft games will not have online passes at all.

And that’s all of the biggest PlayStation news for the week of November 4. Come back next Monday for even more news on PlayStation and the upcoming PlayStation 4


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