Nov 27

This week has been filled with rumors and announcements. To start off, Atlus announced not one, not two, not  three but four new Persona games! There has also been some evidence floating around the internet that Sony is purchasing the rights to Crash Bandicoot. Sony is also rumored to be bundling together the PS4 and the PlayStation Vita, a move that makes a lot of sense. Finally, Guerrilla Cambridge announced new details on their upcoming patches for Killzone Mercenary. This week, I’ll also be putting reviews, previews and opinions I have written on the blog this week! I wrote a review for Killzone Shadow, a piece on Infamous Second featuring some powers I want to see and finally, another piece on Infamous Second Son, summing up the story and open world.

Around The Web

Four New Persona Games Announced, Including Persona 5

This week, Atlus finally announced announced the successor to the hit game Persona 4. So far, it has only been announced for Japan and the PS3. But wait, there’s more. Atlus also announced a new dancing game, featuring the music and cast from Persona 4 named Persona 4: Dancing All Night. It is a PS Vita exclusive and is coming to Japan in Spring 2014. The next Persona game they announced is a sequel to the fighting game, Persona 4: Arena titled Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold. This oddly titled game, is coming to PS3, in Japan, sometime next year. The final game that was announced was Persona Q. Persona Q is a 3DS exclusive game and features a cartoon art style.I am personally excited for all of these games, yes even the dancing one, even if it may take a while for them to come to the West.

Is Sony buying the rights to Crash Bandicoot?

For the past few weeks, rumors have been swirling that Sony is planning to purchase the rights to Crash Bandicoot. Activision, the official owner to Crash, has erased all evidence of Crash from there website and Sony featured a peculiar picture in one of their recent adds.


Sony to Bundle the PS4 and PS Vita

With the Vita having the unique feature to use remote play, it makes alot of sense to bundle them together. So that’s what Sony is, supposedly, doing. No release date or price have been announced but it should be making it’s way to stores before Christmas. Also, if they manage to keep it to a low price of $500 like the Xbox One, that would be a steal.

And Finally, Guerrilla Cambridge Has Announced the Details to Future Killzone Mercenary patches

The newest past, Patch #3, will bring the size of the download down by about 800MB. It should be available in a few weeks. patch #4 will improve match making and balance teams. Patch #5 is the largest patch and will include two new multiplayer maps and an offline botzone. The final patch will let the game be used on the PlayStation Vita TV. It’s great to see that a great game, is getting lots of support.

On The Blog

Killzone Shadow Fall Review

Killzone Shadow Fall is a great game. It improves about every aspect of past Killzone games and delivers a fun campaign, great multiplayer and beautiful graphics. Although, it does suffer from a confusing plot andodd non-shooter parts. For an in depth look, check out my review.

Infamous Second Son, Powers I Want To See

Infamous Second Son, my most anticipated PS4 game, features an awesome new character, a new setting and most importantly amazing super powers. In this article I put together some potential powers that could make it’s way into the game. Some powers included the return of electricity and solar powers. For the full list check it out.

Infamous Second Son Preview

This short preview goes over everything you need to know so that you are caught up with Infamous Second Son. Second Son features a beautiful open world, amazing powers and a brand new story. With Infamous Second the son, the franchise has gone from a small franchise, to a Triple A franchise, that you can’t miss.

And that’s everything that’s been going on on the PlayStation Game Blog! Make sure to come back next Wednesday for another update! Also Come back Sunday for the PlayStation New Releases!

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