Nov 20

This was a pretty big week for video games and that’s because the PlayStation 4 launched! Some other news includes a teaser for a new Uncharted, a trailer for the Last of Us DLC and more. Most of the news this week came from the PS4’s live TV event on Thursday. For a full recap click here but I will go over all of the big announcements. So here are the biggest news articles for the week of November 20.

The  biggest news of the week is that a new Uncharted for the PS4 was announced. A small teaser trailer was released that included a man talking about revenge over a map of Africa. The game is being developed by Naughty Dog, but don’t expect to release too soon. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Another Naughty Dog related content was announced, and that is the single player DLC for the Last of Us. The trailer features Ellie and her friend Riley, and presumably, takes place before the events of the main campaign. Check out the trailer below.

Infamous Second Son has a release date, and will be coming March 21 2014. Alongside a new trailer Sucker Punch announced the release date of Infamous Second Son. It’s a little later then the February release date we were originally told, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

PlayStation 4 has sold over 1 million units. This is a huge feat, considering it only launched in two countries, Canada and the US. Expect this number this number to rise with the PS4 launching in other territories soon. For a first impressions of the PS4, check out my article here.

The last piece of news is that the Destiny Beta, will launch first on PlayStation. Anyone who pre-orders Destiny should get a beta code, but if your playing on PlayStation, then you will be able to play it first. It is unknown at, the moment, if PlayStation will get more exclusive content for Destiny in the future.

And that’s all the news for the week of November 20!

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