Dec 4

This week, the PS4 finally launched in Europe! Alongside that, the amount of PS4s sold at launch were announced, and it sounds very promising. More sales numbers were announced this week, and it included Persona 4 Golden and Dragon’s Crown, both selling very well. Other news includes the release window of Sony’s Gaikai streaming service and the fact that Gran Turismo 6 comes out. On the blog, I wrote a review for Flower and you can expect a review for Assassins Creed 4 in the following week. So here is the biggest PlayStation news for the week of December 4.

PlayStation 4 Sells 2.1 Million units and Counting

PlayStation 4 sold a very promising amount during it’s launch in North America and Europe. It managed to sell over 1 million units in 24 hours in North America, and the other sales are from other territories such as Europe and South America. The PS4 has yet to release in Japan, so expect these numbers to rise soon. These are exciting times for PlayStation fans and the future looks very bright.

Dragon’s Crown and Persona 4 Golden sales announced

Dragons Crown and Persona 4 Golden, two amazing games, managed to ship over 1.5 million units. Dragon’s crown contributing 800,000 for the PS3 and Vita and Persona 4 Golden shipping 700,000 units for just the Vita. Atlus has been looking very good lately, and along with the announcement of Persona 5, things are looking good.


Sony’s Gaikai streaming service to come in mid to late 2014

Dissapointed that the PS4 isn’t backwards compatible? Well Sony’s Gaikai streaming service will allow you to stream PS3 games right to your brand new PS4, essentially making it backwards compatible. This exciting service, which also helps with other streaming functions, such as PS Vita’s remote play, sounds very promising and I can not wait to see it working.



On the blog

Flower Review

Flower on the PS4 is an beautiful, deep and fun game and I commend thatgamecompany for making an amazing game that is really different. You may not even consider it a game, but it is still a game worth the purchase. For the full review click here



And that’s all of the news for the week of December 4!


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