This November we get one of the best PlayStation Plus months that I can remember.

For the PS4 we get:


Resogun is an intense, fast paced shooter from Housemarque, the studio that brought us Deadnation and Super Stardust. To learn more about Resogun click here.


Contrast is 2D and 3D platformer that lets you turn into shadows. You play as a little girl’s imaginary friend in a 1920 noir world. Click here to visit contrast’s website.

For the PS3 we get:

Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen

Venture to the island of Bitter Black and explore it’s dungeons to uncover the island’s dark secret.

Ibb and Obb

Ibb and Obb is a two player co-operative game where gravity goes both ways and you have to solve puzzles. For more on Ibb and Obb go here.

Binary Domain

In Binary Domain you are put into a 2080 Tokyo, fighting for humanity against robots. Here is the trailer for Binary Domain.

And Finally for PS Vita we get:

Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice is a brutal combat game where every decision you make has consequences. Will you choose to save this monster or sacrifice it?


Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

In the under developed city of Western Mudos a stranger appears to who has a mission to capture outlaws and restore peace the city

So those are the free games for November! This is a great month especially with the two extra games coming with the PS4!


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