Nov 5

Each Tuesday we get graced with a bunch of new games on the PS Store and at retail. Each Tuesday I’ll post the latest games here.

1.The Adventures of Cookie & Cream –  PS2 classic – digital

Bring a friend along for this classic adventure that stars the two rabbits Cookie and Cream! Help the opposite player to reach the end of each course by clearing obstacles.

2. A-Men 2 – PS3, PS Vita – digital – cross buy supported

3. Ben 10 Omniverse 2 – PS3 – Retail + Digital

4. Call of Duty: Ghosts – PS3 – Digital, Retail

The biggest video game franchise is back with all new multi-player, campaign and a brand new extinction mode.

5. CastleStorm – PS3 – PS Vita – Digital

6. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collection – PS3 – Digital

7. The Guided Fate Paradox – PS3 – Digital 

8. Final Exam – PS3 – Digital – Retail

9. How to Survive – PS3 – Digital


And those are the games for Tuesday November 5!


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