Nov 19

So the PS4 is finally out and because it would not have made much sense to release a game the week after the console launches, NBA Live 14 is the only PS4 game we get. Although, we do get plenty of games for the PS3. So here are the PlayStation new releases for Tuesday, November 19.

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon because I Don’t Know! – PS3 – Digital, Retail

A four-player adventure from show creator Pendleton Ward and the developers at WayForward

Air Conflicts: Vietnam – PS3 – Digital

In this arcade-style aerial shooter you can fly and customize more than 20 planes and helicopters, and challenge friends to eight-player dog fights.

The Amazing Spider-Man – PS Vita – Digital , Retail

The Web-Slinger is now on Vita in an open world Manhattan

Aquapazza – PS3 – Digital, Retail
Select a fighter, partner up, and compete in this 2D, anime fighter from Atlus.
Arcania The Complete Tale – PS3 – Digital
Bandfuse: Rock Legends – PS3 – Retail
Rock out with friends. Form local bands and jam to favorite tracks, or create original music with up to four players on guitar, bass, or vocals
Blood Knights
You, once a famed vampire hunter, have been turned. Now, with a thirst for blood driving you on, you must fight to regain your honor. A hack and slash experience with drop-in/drop-out cooperative play and plenty of brutal weapons.
 Contrast – PS3 – Digital
Dynasty Warriors 6 – PS3 – Digital  (already available Retail)
Farming Simulator – PS3 – Digital, Retail
NBA LIVE  14 – PS4 – Digital, Retail
Need for Speed Rivals – PS3 – Digital, Retail
Soul Calibur 2 HD Online – PS3 – Digital
Stick to the Man – PS3 – Digital
The Walking Game of the year – PS3 – Retail
Worms Revolution Collection – PS3 – Retail
And Finally…
Young Justice: Legacy – PS3 – Digital, Retail
And those are the new releases for November 19!

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