Dec 3

This is a huge week for racing fans because Gran Turismo 6 comes out! Other games coming out include Stick it to the man for Vita and Tiny Brains for the PS4. Don’t forget, Grid 2 is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PS3. There may not be that many games coming out this week, but each one of them looks good. So without further ado, here is the full list of games coming out on PlayStation platforms for December 6. (note: GT 6 comes out Friday, Dec 6)


Gran Turismo 6 – PS3 – Retail, Digital (out Friday)

“The fan-favorite racing simulator returns to PS3 with a tremendous assortment of cars and circuits to enjoy. Powered by a true-to-life physics engine that delivers unparalleled authenticity to the driving experience.”

Escape Plan – PS4 – Digital (already available on Vita)

“Help Lil and Laarg escape their unusual confinement in this delightfully dark puzzler. Comes with the original 78 puzzle rooms, and more. Cross buy is included as well.”

Rainbow Moon – PS Vita – Digital (already available for PS3)

“A rich, turn-based RPG with more than 40 hours of adventure waiting within. Rainbow Moon features six playable characters, runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, and supports cross save functionality between the PS3 and Vita versions.”

Stick it to the Man – PS Vita – Digital (already available for PS3)

“It seems like Ray woke up with a giant, pink, spaghetti arm growing out of his head. This is problematic for Ray, despite the fact that he’s gained extraordinary, mind-reading powers. Help Ray out of his quirky situation! Cross buy.”

Tiny Brains – PS4 – Digital

“This cooperative puzzle game features four super-powered lab animals struggling for freedom. Each animal boasts a different power, and all four must work together to overcome the obstacles between them and a free life.”

And those are PlayStation releases for Tuesday, December 3! What are you buying? Let me know in the comments!

source: PlayStation Blog



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