Infamous Second Son

Infamous Second Son is shaping up to be the PlayStation 4’s most promising game. Developed by Sucker Punch, the studio behind previous Infamous games, Infamous Second Son is right now, the number one reason to own a PS4. It is set in an open world Seattle 7 years after the events of Infamous 2. Conduits are feared and a military group named the DUP has taken away all privacy to prevent conduits from living in the streets. If you are discovered to have super powers, you are either killed or sent to prison. Enter Delsin Rowe, the protagonist, or antagonist of the story, depending on how you want to play. When Delsin discovers he has powers he takes it into his own hands to stop the DUP and have fun while doing it.

Unlike what you may think Delsin doesn’t have smoke powers, instead he has the ability to take powers away from other conduits. So far the only two powers that have been announced are smoke and neon but expect some more to be announced soon. Smoke powers give Delsin the ability be fast and deadly. You can move through fences, air ducts and doge bullets but at the same time you can deal alot of damage. The second power that has been announced is neon. Neon powers are much more agile and let you run fast, jump high and take out enemies from far away, like a sniper. So far, Infamous Second Son’s powers sound really awesome and I cannot wait to try them out first hand.

Graphically, Infamous Second Son takes advantage of the new hardware. Second Son takes place in an open world Seattle, has amazing particle effects and a dynamic weather system.  The open world Seattle looks stunning. Each building is unique and detailed while smaller things such as reflections and weather add up to make it amazing. The size of the city shouldn’t be that much larger than Infamous 2’s New Marais, but that’s is still pretty large. Also,unlike past Infamous games, Second Son uses motion capture and cut scenes which really takes the game to another level of quality.

A snapshot of Infamous Second Son’s open world

Right now, Infamous Second Son is my most anticipated next-gen game. Beautiful graphics, an open world Seattle and cool super powers all add up to make an amazing game. Infamous Second Son is set to launch March 21 2014 and I couldn’t be more excited. For more on Infamous Second Son, and the PS4 stay on the PlayStation Game Blog.

Are you excited for Infamous Second Son? What about other upcoming PS4 games? Let me know in the comments!

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