Infamous Second Son: Powers I Want to See

Infamous has always been praised for it’s cool super powers. In the original Infamous you had electricity powers, in Infamous 2 they had electricity powers along with the choice between ice and sludge, and now with Infamous Second Son they are expanding the powers even more. The new protagonist, Delsin Rowe has the ability to take super powers from other conduits. At the moment, only two powers have been announced, smoke and neon, but I am sure that more powers will be announced in the future. Now, I would like to predict what these powers are going to be. No one knows how many more powers are in the game, but we do know some things. Traditionally in Infamous, powers have to be able to be absorbed in the environment, be lethal and potentially give you ways to move around. For example, Cole McGrath From the original Infamous games can absorb electricity from cars and other objects in the world, can electrocute his enemies and give him the ability to glide on subway rails. So without further ado, here are some potential powers that could be introduced in Infamous Second Son.


Of all the powers in this list, I think water has the most potential to be in Infamous Second Son. Infamous Second Son takes place in Seattle, a beautiful, large and most importantly rainy city. Since Seattle is near the shoreline, it does rain often. With it often raining, there is potential for water to be a power. Delsin would be able to restore his powers with puddles or drain pipes, shoot his enemies with water (or drown) and finally he could be able to turn into water and dodge bullets. There is also potential for Delsin to regain strength faster in rain or something along those lines. Water powers would be a welcome addition to the Delsin’s roster of powers and a welcome addition to the game.

The Return of Electricity

The return of electricity could also be a potential power. If Cole does make a return in Second Son, either as a character, villain or DLC, I could easily see the exact same powers from Infamous and 1 & 2 make it’s return. Absorbing powers is easy, it’s incredibly lethal and the subway rails are back. I picture electricity powers being more of an end-game ability, a hidden ability or something along those lines but anything would be cool. The return of Cole’s electricity powers could act as a fan service, and be a powerful tool to have.

You can see the subway in the picture below. Do you think we will be able to glide on it?


The powers that have been announced so far are smoke and neon. Both of these powers are fast, but what if Sucker Punch introduced a power that was slow but allowed you to deal a lot of damage, and take less. Well, what if Delsin could use the rubble in the city as an armor or fists to physically melee enemies. This power is definitely a little more far-fetched, but could possibly be a super move, or have very limited resources.  This power probably won’t make it’s way into the game, but we can always dream.

Maybe Delsin can use rubble, just like that.


I imagine solar powers as a weak but cool power. I’m not really sure what it would be used for, but the catch would be that at in the day, you have an unlimited supply (except on rainy days), but at night the only source of power would be solar panels which are rare and hard to find. I think a solar power is a neat idea, but at the same time, would be pretty useless.

Well, those are four powers that I would like to see in Infamous Second Son.  Of course, powers like earth and solar probably aren’t very plausible but I think that the return of electricity powers and water powers could actually happen. Do you have any ideas of your own? let me know in the comments!
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