Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes is one of those games that any one can play. I know the game released a little while ago but when I heard that Sound Shapes is also coming to the PS4 I gave in and let it take me away. The main shtick in Sound Shapes is that it’s a 2D platformer where everything makes music. The bad guys, platforms and collectibles all add to the way the music in the game is played. The main campaign sounds good and is fun, creating and sharing your own levels is great and playing other peoples levels is fun as well. Although I did face some bugs and one particular world set me off.

Sound Shapes

 The campaign is split between five “albums” or worlds, that each feature a unique theme and sound track. With Albums written by DeadMau5, Bech and others the music is never bad. Each Album is fun to play, listen to and look at with an amazing art style as well.  Sound Shapes is definitely one of the best looking platformers  I have ever played.

just one of the amazing levels in Sound Shapes.

Although Sound Shapes is an amazing game, it is definitely not perfect. For example in the level creator I ran into some bugs that made me lose some progress and have to start again. This was really upsetting, especially when I had put a lot of work into a custom level, but bare in mind that this is the Vita version. Perhaps on the PS3 version these bugs are non-existent. Also one particular album in the campaign really set me off. The Corporeal album sounded good, but the colors and game play just were not as fun as the others. I had to force myself to finish it just to get the level maker items. Finally the amount of DLC  was annoying but understandable due to the low price of the game.

An image from the Corporeal album

Overall I think Sound Shapes is an amazing game that every Vita owner should play. With a beautiful art style, amazing music and fun game play I don’t know why you wouldn’t. Especially with the fact that for $ 15 you can play the Vita, PS3 and the upcoming PS4 versions, With cross-play support. Just bare in mind that if you are playing the Vita version to  save frequently. Over all I give Sound Shapes Vita an 8.75.

Score: 8.75

+Great art style

+Great Music

+Amazing Game play

– Bugs

-The Corporeal album

-Lots of DLC

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