Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond two souls is one of the most polarizing video games that has come out in recent history. This is because the graphics are beautiful, the acting is amazing and half the story is very good, when at the same time the gameplay is odd, there is a lack of consequence and the other half of the story doesn’t make any sense. Some people don’t mind just watching the story unfold and being able to choose the odd action but other people feel that Beyond: Two Souls is barely a game. Both sides do have merit, I personally think that Beyond Two Souls is barely a game, but that is okay. In fact the parts when Beyond tries too hard to be a game, are the lowest points of the story. When Beyond breaks out of that shell and does something different, that is when it pulls off some amazing moments.

Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes in Beyond Two Souls

Beyond Two souls follows a women named Jodie Holmes over the course of 15 years. What makes Jodie so special is that she has an entity, named Aidan, who is attached to her. The story revolves around her trying to live a normal with Aidan and at the same time the government is testing her and trying to discover who and what Aiden is. Jodie is played by Ellen Page who does a flawless job of acting as Jodie, no matter where the story takes her. Jodie also looks beautiful with some of the best graphics any video game has ever pulled off. Jodie is definitely the star of the show and really takes Beyond two souls to another level of quality. Some of the supporting cast, such as Willem Dafoe as Jodie’s father figure is some what lacking. Also more time and detail has noticeably been put in to Jodie’s animation but other characters still look good. Finally I would to say that there are some chapters in the story that are amazing and very well written.

Willem Dafoe as Nathan Dawkins in Beyond Two Souls

While some parts in Beyond Two Souls are amazing, others are just simply bad. Chapters may go on for too long, the story might spiral into nonsense or the game play will be difficult and hard to control. For the most part controlling Aidan and Jodie work surprisingly well but when you are thrust into an action sequence that involves cover and shooting you have to ask yourself why these sequences even exist. The answer is obviously to appeal to a larger audience with guns and explosions but these sequences are so out of place that the game would benefit if they were just removed completely. Lucky for us these parts are few and far between.

This trailer “shows off”  some of the action sequences

Many things that other people found annoying, I didn’t mind. For example during fight scenes, when Jodie is about to perform an action, the screen goes black and white and you have to move the stick in the direction  Jodie is moving. Sometimes I would panic and push the wrong way or sometimes I just wouldn’t know which way to push but if I actually thought and looked at the scene I could almost always figure it out. many people hated this combat system but I actually liked it. Controlling Aidan was also much simpler and more fun then I thought that it was going to be. The lack of consequence also didn’t bother me because I understand that Beyond was trying to tell a story.

Overall I think Beyond Two Souls was an amazing game. The acting was amazing, the graphics were beautiful and the story was good. Even if the action sequences were garbage and some times the story made no sense, that’s okay because the amazing parts definitely out weigh the not-so-amazing parts.I would say give Beyond a go and form your own opinion because Beyond is  one of those games where every opinion is valid. Overall I give Beyond Two Souls a 7.5

Score: 7.5

Ellen page’s performance


+ Story

– action sequences

– certain plot points

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