Hey guys, I’m Ben and I started and write on the PlayStation Game Blog. I’m 14 years old and just started grade 9. I have always loved video games. Back when I was 5 or  6 I remember playing Pokemon Blue and not being very good at it, I played ATV Racing on my PlayStation 2 when I was a little older, and finally I remember playing the original Infamous on my PS3 (my parents let me play it because it was rated T). Up until the Summer of 2012 I had just played games casually. I played games like Pokemon, Call of Duty and Infamous but then I discovered an amazing website called IGN. When I discovered IGN I learned that there were so many more games then just Call of Duty. I discovered games like Journey, Uncharted and more. Soon I was visiting the website every single day and I had gone from a “casual gamer” to a “hardcore gamer”. Of course, owning a PS3 I joined the community. I started listening to podcasts and watching youtubers. A few months ago, I got the idea that I should start my own blog. I was already reading all of the news, I thought it wouldn’t be hard to just write it down. I actually started the PlayStation Game Blog many months before I actually wrote anything on it. Well at the time I’m writing this post it has been just under a month and I already have over 1,500 hits. I love writing reviews and opinions and I cannot wait to write some more. I’m pretty young so I don’t share the same nostalgia of classic Mario games or Final Fantasy but I still love video games, so thanks for reading my blog!


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