PS4 Counts Towards 10% of Twitch Streaming

Since it’s launch on November 15, the PS4 has counted towards 10% of all Twitch streaming. That’s according to a range of new stats released by Sony on the EU PS Blog, which details how much success the console’s new social-sharing features have enjoyed.

Over 20 million minutes of PS4 footage have been streamed since the console’s US launch on Twitch and Ustream. That’s almost 38 years’ worth of gameplay recorded and shown in under a month. This breaks down into more than 800,000 gameplay broadcasts and 7.1 million spectate sessions.

Additional stats include the fact that the average PS4 broadcast length on Ustream is 31 minutes, while Twitch has announced that 10 percent of content broadcast on the platform since November 15 has come from PS4 systems. The console’s Share Menu has also been access over 10.9 million times since launch, in case you were wondering.

SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said, “PlayStation 4 is specifically designed so people can share their gaming experiences and interest in streaming live gameplay has surpassed our wildest expectation.”

Have you guys been watching/creating Twitch videos with your PS4? Let me know in the comments!