VGX Trailer Round Up

On Saturday, many may have thought that the lack of announcements at the VGX’s were disappointing, but plenty of new trailers were showed off. Some of them include The Division’a engine, Thief’s story, Tomb Raider’s next gen version and more. Check them out below…

Tom Clancy’s The Division Snowdrop trailer

Thief’s story trailer

Telltale Game’s Borderlands announce trailer

Tomb Raider Definitive edition

The Witcher 3 

Titanfall’s two trailers, revealing new classes of robots, the ogre and the stryder.

No Man’s Sky

Telltale Game of Thrones

and those are some of the trailers showed off at the VGX’s. Did you like the VGX’s? What did you guys think about Joel McHale? Let me know in the comments!