Poll: Which Theme Do You Want On the PlayStation Game Blog?

The PlayStation Game Blog is still a relatively new website, so things will be changing and added all the time. Before, I had a theme that resembled a magazine, featured a small bit of the posts text, was blue and white and had large photos. The theme that is currently on doesn’t feature any any text in the post, large photos and is grey and white. I want to ask you which one you prefer. Also, let me know in the comments or by e-mail (benjaminsagar@gmail.com) if you have any advice or tips to make the PS Game Blog as good it can possibly be! Thank you for coming to this website,  because it really means alot. Share, and like posts if you like them because I have to know what people like/dislike as well. I’m always open for criticism and tips so don’t hesitate!

Also, to get an idea of what the last theme looked like, mine looked almost exactly like this

Any tips or advice for us here at the PlayStation Game Blog? We are always open to criticism so let me know in the comments!