Sony’s Gaikai Technology to Bring PS3 Games to the PS4 in 2014

Many may be disappointed that the brand-new PS4 is not backwards compatible, but Gaikai streaming technology may be the answer that they are looking for. Arstechnica has reported that the service may be coming sooner then you may think, in 2014. Gaikai was announced back in February, when the PS4 was announced, but Sony has not said much else since then. It is a promising service that will allow you to buy, and stream PS3 games right to your PS4, essentially making it backwards compatible.

“We’re on track to have a commercial service up and running in the US first within 2014,” PlayStation CEO Andrew House told Eurogamer. “That remains the plan and we’re very much on track to reach that.” The eventual goal, House went on, is to expand the service to the Vita and other mobile devices, essentially removing the need to purchase expensive hardware to play high-end games.

Gaikai launched in 2008 as a platform to deliver Web-based streaming demos of high-end PC games that ran on many retailer websites. Sony spent $380 million to scoop up the company last year and has thus far used the underlying technology to power the surprisingly usable Remote Play functionality between the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita (as well as PS Vita TV streaming in Japan).

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