PlayStation News Update – November 13

Each Wednesday on the PlayStation Blog we put a list together of all the major PlayStation news. With the PS4 only a week away we have had a lot of trailers, advertisements and announcements but we also learned some interesting stats about the PS3 and the pocket station.

So here are the top news articles of the week.

1.Sony has released a slew of trailers show casing the PS4. For all of the trailers click here but below is one of them that showcases some of the games.

2. Sony San Diego has announced MLB 14: the Show and it will be available Spring 2014 for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Little is known right now but you can watch the reveal trailer below.

3. PS Vita firmware update 3.00 is now available for download. This update gets the Vita ready for the PS4, a new PS4 link app has been added along with an updated messaging app, friends app and a parental control icon.

4. Sony has released some interesting stats about the PS3. Some stats included that the PS3 has sold over 80 million units and that over 4,332 games have been released for the PS3 so far. For a full list click here

5. Sony is reviving the PocketStation as a PS Vita app. The original PlayStation’s memory that card that featured a small screen, four buttons and some mini-games is making it’s return. For the full article click here but essentially it will be an app for the PS Vita that lets you play some PS 1 games.

6. A list of free bonuses for PS4 owners has been revealed. For a limited time you will get a $10 voucher towards PSN, a 30 day subscription towards Music Unlimited and a 30 day trial towards PlayStation plus.

7. Finally, PlayStation has posted some new advertisements for the PS4 featuring Street Fighter and Assassins Creed. The two ads feature Ryu running a cab company and Edward Kenway owning a tailor shop. Check them out for yourself below.

And that’s the biggest news for the week of November 13. The PS4 comes out Thursday so be ready for a bunch of announcements. There is also a pre-launch event on Thursday the 14 where some announcements and more are expected. 

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