Sony Reviving PocketStation as a PS Vita app

Most people probably don’t even remember the PocketStation.  It was essentially a memory card for the original PlayStation, but it had a tiny LCD screen and five buttons on it. The PocketStation even had it’s own little mini-games. It was released back in 1999 only in Japan and was quickly discontinued.


The Pocket Station was originally rumoured to come out based on the video below.

Then Sony revealed that the PocketStation was coming back but in the form of a PS Vita app. The above video says, in short, that “on November 5th, 2013, the PocketStation is being reborn for the PlayStation Vita!”. Supported games include Crash Bandicoot 3, the Mega Man titles, The Legend of Dragoon, Spyro, Hot Shots Golf 2, and IQ Final.

PocketStation sounds like a neat way that Vita owners could play PlayStation 1 classics.

It is possible that this app will remain Japan only, but the thought of it coming here is pretty cool. The Pocket Station definitely won’t sell any Vitas but it could be a cool app that Vita owners will use.

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