Preview: Killzone Shadow Fall

Title: Killzone Shadow Fall

Developer: Guerrilla Games

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Release Date: November 15

System: PlayStation 4

Guerrilla Games is back with what appears to the best looking next gen launch title you can get. Just to get a glimpse watch these stunning trailers. 

The story in Killzone Shadow Fall takes it up a notch from other Killzone titles. Instead of being right in the middle of a war you instead are a soldier trying to prevent one. The Helghast and ISA are at it again with the stakes higher then ever with only a wall separating the two nations. There’s cold blood between the two, with Shadow Fall taking place after Killzone 3 when (spoiler alert!) the Helghast home world  was destroyed. I am personally looking forward to play this as my very first PS4 game.

The multiplayer in Killzone is the generally the same as other games (excluding the beautiful graphics) but this time they have added “war zones”. War zones are game modes that you can customize and share. Also Guerrilla has ditched the XP level up system to challenges. With over 1500 challenges I cant wait to sink my teeth into Killzone Shadow Fall.